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team of feetrading

Only 2% are successful in trading. We are among them, and that’s why:

No illusions about the ease and speed of earning money on Forex No blind faith: only daily practice and analysis We have brought out our trade constitution and are improving it

We have more than 10 years of experience in the financial markets. During this time, we have repeatedly tested the capabilities of our nervous system, going through protracted downstreaks and successful deals, which all good folk agreed to look at.

What are we doing to succeed?

  1. We follow the charts and market news daily.
  2. We test, implement and refute the strategies of other successful and not so traders.
  3. We analyze, analyze, analyze and analyze again.
  4. We keep our cool. To be honest, this is probably the most important thing.

We know how difficult it is to find the right broker and information about online trading. Cause information – is the most expensive currency today, and the ones who own it, own everything. We own.

We have so much accumulated knowledge, that it seems our good old heads on our shoulders will soon burst. And we decided to make this website to:

  • Keep everything important in one place;
  • To share our wisdom.

So, what do we offer to you?

  • Detailed overview of brokers, trading platforms and strategies;
  • Comparisons of Forex brokers, that we did not copy, but revealed in practice;
  • Guides for pros and newbies.

Untransmitted knowledge is dead knowledge. We don’t want all our victories and defeats to perish among the convolutions of our brains. That’s why we bring them to your judgment and, we hope so, joy and success.

Our team

Rufus Mekhdi-Smith
Rufus Mekhdi-Smith

Address: 717 Merthyr Road BUNTINGFORD SG9 8EF, United Kingdom
Phone: 531 3772 9254
Email: [email protected]

Cole Anderson
Cole Anderson

Address: 7117 St Maurices Road PUDDLETOWN DT2 1JA, United Kingdom
Phone: 789 8287 3327
Email: [email protected]

Denis Tannen
Denis Tannen

Address: 8478 Kingsway North HOLCOT NN6 0EW, United Kingdom
Phone: 430 5279 7143
Email: [email protected]

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