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Copy trading in 2021 is ideal if you want to actively trade online but have little or no experience or knowledge of how things work.

eToro copy trading platform

eToro is an online broker for stocks, forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies and ETFs worldwide. The company was launched in 2007 in Israel. At the time it was RetailFX, but after three years the board of directors saw the need to rebrand. So in 2010, RetailFX underwent a major upgrade to create eToro, which is now the leading online securities copy trading platform in the world.

The company has its base in Europe and several other offices around the world in countries such as the United Kingdom, Cyprus, the United States and Australia.

etoro Main Page

Initially, eToro was exclusively a forex trader. But over time, CFDs were added to the list of services. Today, it is not just a forex copy trading platform, but an extensive online site that deals with commodities and stocks, too.

In addition to adding stocks and commodities to its list of services, eToro has also undergone a major technological transformation, bringing some of the most advanced online trading tools to the platform.

Pros and cons of copy trading platform eToro:

Pros Cons
Stock trading (CFDs) without transaction fees and other recurring charges. Taxes must be calculated and paid independently.
A large client base that new traders can emulate. Traders in the U.S. can only trade in cryptocurrencies.
Ability to buy fractional share contracts. Quotations of price suppliers are not always market.


If you are new and know nothing about trading, it can be scary to spend real money and enter into your first few trades. And you would probably feel more confident in your trades and in the safety of your deposited capital if you knew that your actions and decisions had the support and encouragement of a dedicated trader. If there was a way to copy what trading experts do in the trading markets to increase your chances of making a copy trade profit, that would be great, right?

Well, you’re in luck. That’s exactly what CopyTrader is for. The tool with all the necessary copy trade software allows you to choose trading experts in the industry and imitate them. Using this tool, you can copy not just one, but up to 100 expert traders. However, this tool is only available on a regular trading account.

Fortunately, setting up CopyTrader for your account is not difficult – just a few clicks. Just select traders to copy, select an amount in your local currency, and step back as the eToro copy trading forex system copies expert trades and increases your chances of making a copy trade profit.


You can take the copy tool to the next level, if you have an idea of what you do with CopyPortfolios.

CopyPortfolio is a combination of two strategies; market portfolios and top trader portfolios. With the Top Trader Portfolio you can copy traders who use your specific strategy. eToro has the most functional feature than other social trading platforms.

If you want to trade commodities, use a Top Trader portfolio, it has all the copy trade software you need. It is linked to your trading account with successful oil, silver or gold traders. Market portfolios, on the other hand, do not include traders. Instead, they are all about CFDs. They combine CFDs into a single strategy. To get started, you need to deposit about $5,000.

Social Newsfeed

eToro does things on an equal footing with others social trading platforms – it has a social feed. It functions like Twitter, but is better suited for traders who want to learn the basics quickly and for experts who want to share trading tips. Each trader gets a specialized news feed tailored to what they do. What’s more, they can update the platform, discuss strategies and tag each other in conversations to make tracking easier.

Traders also get alerts when the market gets volatile or when a trader you’ve copied adds a new copy trade forex or makes a new post.

AvaTrade copy trading platform

The company provides intermediary and consulting services in the financial markets since 2006. It has representative offices in Western Europe, Australia, Japan and the USA. The broker’s activity is regulated by the current Irish legislation, as well as by some globally respected regulatory structures, like all the best social trading platforms:

  • European Union Markets in Financial Instruments Directive MiFID;
  • British Financial Services Commission FSC;
  • Australian Securities, Futures and Derivatives Commission ASIC;
  • Japan’s Financial Markets Authority JFSA.

There are no additional commissions for trading operations. However, please note that AvaTrade has the right to charge an additional commission of $25 per month if the account is inactive. Similar fees are stipulated in the absence of trading operations for 3 months. The Client’s account will be blocked if the balance is insufficient. In this case you will need to contact technical support. The commission amount may vary depending on the region of user’s permanent residence.

avatrade Home window

“AvaTrade” provides all clients with only one type of trading account, the use of which implies the following conditions:

  • minimum deposit of $100 or more;
  • market spread with included commission and is from 0.8 pips when trading the base currency pairs;
  • maximum leverage is 1:400;
  • provision of daily analytics when you sign up for a free subscription in your personal cabinet.

Like many brokers, the “AvaTrade” company provides an opportunity to carry out trading operations by means of the classic MT4 terminal. Its functionality does not differ from the analogues provided by competitive organizations. In addition, the broker allows trading online after authorization in the personal cabinet. A unique copy trading platform AvaTradeAct is provided for this purpose. The user will have to choose the terminal when registering an account. It is important to note that the maximum leverage with AvaTradeAct terminal is 1:200. This is compensated by the wider trading opportunities. The main advantages of AvaTradeAct platform are:

  • Wide choice of financial instruments (more than 250 assets);
  • Price charts with classic and custom timeframes M2, M3, H2;
  • Integrated analytical copy trade software Autochartist, which automatically marks graphical models, draws trend Lines and indicates candlestick patterns (an indispensable tool for beginner traders);
  • The ability to place any type of orders;
  • Access to popular and up-to-date tools for technical and computer analysis of the price chart, as well as other classic features of the MT4 terminal.


The AvaSocial copy trading app is a partnership between the globally regulated broker AvaTrade and the regulated FCA Pelican Trading. Together they provide a copy trading app that is available on Android and iOS devices.

Through the app, you can interact, monitor and copy other traders at the touch of a button. The performance statistics are also great and help you find the right trader to copy. It details monthly performance, trading activity, total copy trade profit, and traded markets.

Using AvaSocial, AvaTrade customers can now take full advantage of all the innovative aspects of trading on the go.

Clients can use the chat feature to participate, share and interact in real trades. They, in turn, benefit from timely expert advice and copy trading forex services, increasing their chances of greater success.

FXTM copy trading platform

FXTM (Forextime) is an international broker providing services to both individuals and legal entities. The organization specializes in trading precious metals, currencies and derivative instruments (Shares, indices, commodities). Those who wish also invest in asset management. Representative offices are opened all over the world.

fxtm Official site

Pros and cons of FXTM copy trading platform:

Pros Cons
Wide range of trading accounts Withdrawal of funds is periodically delayed
A lot of training materials No copy trade forex on Saturday and Sunday
The ability to use automated programs in copy trade forex

FXTM clients are offered more than several hundred assets to copy trade forex. They are offered to work with them on one of the following platforms:

  • MT4 – handy terminal with several dozens of technical indicators. You can add your own tools. The program can be used for automated trading. In addition to the PC version, there are applications for mobile devices (MAC, iPhone/iPad, Android).
  • MT5 is a multifunctional platform providing direct access to liquidity providers via ECN and STP technologies. Wide range of analysis and trading tools. Applications for MAC, iPhone/iPad, Android are available for those, who want to copy trade forex without limiting themselves to their offices or apartments.
  • WebTrader is an online service, which does not require any additional copy trade software. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser. This platform is adapted to all popular operating systems. It has a simple and convenient interface, modern and diverse toolset.

FXTM Invest

An investor just needs to register, choose a trader whose trades he will copy, and make a copy trade profit. The user can make decisions based on the profitability of trading with a particular manager and change it if necessary. Investors pay managers a commission only for successful trades. Features of FXTM Invest’s trades copying service:

  • The opportunity to choose a trader based on your wishes in terms of trading style, profitability and risk level, for this purpose there is a special filter in the rating;
  • Copying of transactions of several managers to minimize the risk and to choose an effective strategy;
  • The rating of managers is automatically updated and shows statistics on several parameters.
  • All the copy trade software you need.

The service gives the opportunity of passive income not only to investors, but also to professional traders all social trading platforms. In Forex Time, a trader can become a manager, whose trades will be copied by investors, and receive additional income for their work.

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