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CFD 24option scam or legit in the UK and the best alternative IQ Option

There is a certain saying that money does not bring happiness. While this is true, financial independence gives us freedom and the opportunity to enjoy life. Unfortunately, wealth is not easy to achieve, and many people are forced to live from paycheck to paycheck. Moreover, we spend more than a third of our time at work, forgetting that this is the most valuable resource that cannot be bought.

The ideal option is to work with a free schedule and good income, which allows you to make a living anywhere. And modern technology gives us this opportunity. All you need to go down the path to prosperity is access to the Internet and some start-up capital. If you have a penchant for analytical thinking and a desire to learn, then success will come naturally.

History of 24option

One of the well-known brokers that have become popular with users is the 24option trading company. The company was founded in 2010 and is officially registered in Cyprus (the city of Limassol). The company received international certificates and began to offer services to traders around the world. Many users have chosen this site due to some important advantages.

  • High degree of profitability. The average profit for a successful transaction is 86%. The maximum rate for high-risk CFDs can reach 360%;
  •  User-friendly interface. The high-quality layout allows you to quickly go through the registration procedure, find the desired section and make the first deposit;
  •  Ability to choose one of several dozen assets for bidding;
  •  The user can conclude transactions and replenish the deposit in different currencies.

 Some problems of 24option broker

It is worth saying that the company 24option led a “dishonest game.” The reason is that trading CFDs is a high-risk investment. Therefore, responsible companies talk about the risks of this business, offer training, and do not urge users to invest all their money in trading. But there are also unscrupulous companies on the Internet.

The British regulator FCA found that the 24option UK branch and some other brokers used fake reviews and published unverified information about their companies. These reviews called for riskier and more aggressive strategies. Moreover, there was no section on the sites warning that CFD contacts are a high-risk asset, and advise caution.

As a result, some British traders even took out loans and carried out unverified transactions. Moreover, 24Option even refused to pay out profits to several dozens of customers.

Based on these facts, a joint investigation was conducted by the FCA and the international regulator CySEC. The investigation revealed many violations by companies and annulled international licenses. Now British customers can no longer legally trade CFDs at 24option. Rodeler Ltd Holding is obligated to completely cease operations in the UK, as well as return all money to investors.

The best alternative

However, the news that users should close a 24option account in the UK is not bad information for an active trader. It must be remembered that a smart client with developed analytical thinking can see the opportunity in any situation. IQ Option company offers the best solution – to become a client of a trusted and responsible broker who has all the necessary licenses and provides the best conditions for safe, efficient, and profitable trading.

Benchmarking 24option vs. IQ Option

First of all, you need to learn about each company. 24option was incorporated in Cyprus in 2010. After ten years of work, it turned out that the broker provides low-quality services, tricks customers and even “helps them” go bankrupt.

IQ Option was officially registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in 2013. At first, it was a small site that did not focus on advertising, but on the quality of work and services. Therefore, many traders praised the convenience, reliability, and security of the platform, investing there. According to industry data from mid-2020, more than 40 million traders, including British users, became clients of IQ Option (the broker is legally represented in the country and holds all the necessary licenses).

IQ Option minimum deposit

The IQ Option broker cares about the convenience and convenience of customers, and not about making a profit at the expense of its reputation. A great example is the minimum deposit amount. The platform allows almost anyone to start trading because of the minimum starting capital of $10. Besides, the client has the opportunity to conclude a transaction by investing only $1. For comparison, 24option offers other limits – at least $200 for a first deposit and $24 for a minimum transaction. However, there are other advantages of IQ Option as well.

IQ Option for beginners

 User-friendly site interface

A large number of professionals worked on the creation of the website. The result is a convenient and intuitive site, with a layout that is understandable even for inexperienced users. Here you can easily find the section you need, read the necessary information, and make your first CFD trade.


IQ Option Company cares about the safety of customers, the safety of their data and investments. All important information is protected with the help of state-of-the-art technology. SSL uses a dynamic 256-bit code that cannot be cracked. Therefore, hackers will not recognize the payment details of British customers and will not be able to steal money.


Seven years of success of IQ Option are an excellent indicator. During this time, the site became one of the leaders in the sector. The convenience of the service has amassed more than 40 million customers, including thousands of British users. Besides, IQ Option did not fall into scandals and litigation (like 24option), which is an additional advantage. So trading here is as safe as possible.

 Demo account

Security is not only achieved through support services and security algorithms. A British client can become a professional trader without spending any money. Each user can activate the demo account option and receive 10,000 virtual dollars upon deposit. Money is carried out to conclude any transactions on any assets, taking into account real quotes. Of course, this will not bring real profit, but it will give experience and the opportunity to choose the most effective strategy. For comparison, the 24option broker offers the opportunity to open a demo account only after replenishing the deposit by $ 200 or more.

 Wide range of settings

An important advantage of IQ Option is the flexibility of the platform. Each British user gets access to a large set of settings that allow him to make trading as convenient as possible. The client can add to the chart those indicators and signals that he considers important and necessary. All information is operational and easy to read. The 24option website does not offer such functionality, and the small font and symbols on the chart make it difficult to understand.

 Fast transactions

When replenishing your account or paying out winnings, you will be protected as the IQ Option service works with popular and convenient payment systems. British users can use bank cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Blockchain or CoinBase, electronic wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney. Moreover, the client does not pay a commission when replenishing, and transaction processing time takes less than an hour.

 Great profit

Each CFD transaction can bring good profit to a successful trader. The standard percentage of profit for a successful transaction is 70% or more. Besides, thanks to turbo options, with a short expiration time, you can make several bets at the same time, increasing efficiency. Many professional British users have made trading the main source of their income.

 Accessible to all

We have already mentioned that IQ Option holds all the necessary international licenses and is officially represented in the UK. In addition to this, any user who is of age can become a client of the service. To do this, you need to spend a few minutes on registration and pass the verification by email. Moreover, a professional support service will be available at your convenience, ready to help at any time.

 A large number of assets

Each British user can choose the best way to earn money. The IQ Option platform offers several dozens of assets for trading. It offers CFDs, currencies, currency pairs, binary options, transactions in the Forex market, stocks of large companies, commodities, etc. Each asset can be profitable with the appropriate trading strategy and approach.

 Access to the information

Information is one of the most important resources of the modern world. One of the violations by 24option was the lack of information and the fact that CFDs are a high-risk asset. British users were not well informed, so they made mistakes, and the company was stripped of its license as a result. IQ Option offers the client free access to a special section where he can read market news, get acquainted with the advice of professional traders, and analyze popular strategies.


Making money is a challenging task that requires a professional approach and quick response. It’s a shame if fraudsters are able to find out your password and withdraw money from your card. However, British IQ Option customers are well protected. Each user passes verification (it is necessary to send documents with a photo as part of the KYC procedure) and confirms the information on the payment card. This way you know your capital is safe and hackers can’t target your account or data.

 Mobile app

The IQ Option service offers a high-quality application that works perfectly with all mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows), and also provides a stable connection. Now British clients can trade on-the-go with ease. The site operates 24/, so you can trade anywhere, any time. 

Binarry app IQ Option
Binarry app IQ Option


There are special offers from brokers everyone can take advantage of. You only need to buy an entrance ticket (or register participation in a free tournament) and wait for the start. After that, the user will receive a deposit of 1000 virtual dollars and the opportunity to compete for valuable prizes.

 Automated trading

The modern IQ Option website offers great opportunities for UK customers. Users can connect a special trading robot and configure it (indicate the preferred asset, expiration time, stop loss, etc.). After that, the program will automatically analyze the available offers, place transactions, and earn you money.


IQ Option is always ready to offer more. For example, a premium account gives you access to special tournaments, and transactions with higher profits. Also, British users get the opportunity to insure the transaction, gain priority in the queue for payments, and benefit from the help of a personal manager.

IS 24option scam or legit in the UK?

Recent news suggests that 24option and Rodeler ltd. were outlawed in Britain. The FCA revealed many violations indicating the company’s dishonesty. This resulted in a revocation of the international license of the company and a court decision for the return of funds to all customers and a ban on advertising to new users. This means that 24option is a banned broker in the UK.

 How do I delete my 24option account?

24option is no longer entitled to provide services to UK traders and register new customers. Its activities are recognized as illegal in the country. Therefore, you can quickly delete your account and get your money back. To do this, you need to write a letter to the technical support (check the email, perhaps there is already notice from the company’s service) and issue a request to close the account. You can also use the phone or their online chat. The company is obliged to pay all the money back from your deposit and delete your account within 72 hours.

 Where I can trade safely and effectively?

Now that you have start-up capital and the opportunity to begin the path to success, it is important to choose a trusted and reliable partner like the IQ Option trader. Registration on the official website is free and takes a few minutes.

1.   Go to the IQ Option website and click the registration button;

2.   Fill in the necessary information (login, password, email address, etc.);

3.   Read the documents and agree to the terms of service

4.   Follow the welcome link to complete the registration.

Now that you are a client of IQ Option, you can start earning money quickly, efficiently, and safely.

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