Investous scam or legit in the UK and what is a great alternative (mean IQ Option)

Investous broker
The modern world gives a large number of opportunities for every person. New technologies, mobile platforms, and the Internet allow you to receive information anywhere and make money remotely. One such way is to trade CFDs. All that is needed is to choose the right asset, do the right analysis, and close the deal on time. Even a small starting capital is enough to go down the path to success.

But only on the condition that the client has chosen a reliable broker offering the best conditions, as well as guaranteeing security. Unfortunately, not all companies play fair with customers. Big money also attracts scammers. So you need to stay on top of news that is important for British traders, and know how to choose the right company, and minimize risks.

 History of the Investous broker

In recent years, trading has become a very popular way to make money. According to statistics, tens of millions of customers often visit brokers’ websites and make deals. The total volume of transactions for the year among the leaders of the segment exceeds the mark of several billion dollars. Every month, huge amounts of money are paid to successful traders. Of course, CFD is a high-risk business, but if you have analytical thinking and access to information, success is possible. There are many professional traders who have made this occupation their main source of income.

Investous also decided to invest in the promotion of services. The service opened its doors to customers in 2018 and began to gain popularity. The site is officially owned by F1Markets ltd. and is registered in Belize. The presence of an international license gave them the right to operate in EU countries, including the UK. In the past year, the service became popular in England, but then there was a scandal and a subsequent investigation by the FCA.

An FCA investigation found that the CFDs trading platform Investous used illegal and fraudulent methods to attract customers. For example, the company posted fake positive reviews on forums and relevant sites, pushing potential customers to choose this broker. The company also did not notify users that trading CFDs is a high-risk process and requires caution.

Moreover, cases of refusal to pay profit on transactions to successful clients were identified as well. It is known that the company encouraged excitement and even advised traders to take loans for investments in CFDs. The investigation found that many British users suffered heavy losses (dozens of cases worth more than £100,000). As a result, the FCA, together with CySec, adopted restrictions for Investous. The site is prohibited from registering new customers and providing services to British traders. Their license will be revoked, and the company must return all deposits to customers.

 A great alternative to the CFDs trading platform Investous

Fraudulent companies are being closed, but this does not mean that the British trader has lost the opportunity to make money. Because reliable and efficient brokers are still represented in the country. One of the best options that offer the best conditions for making money is IQ Option.

The company began the path to success back in 2013, registering on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. At first, it was a small company that tried to provide convenience and security to its customers. As a result, the service quickly became popular and by 2020 managed to become one of the leaders in the sector. According to statistics, today more than 40 million users, including thousands of British traders, are customers of the company. Moreover, the company has an excellent reputation, and each month pays more than $20 million to successful investors. However, these are not all the advantages of the IQ Option service.

IQ Option Logo
Trading platform IQ Option


The IQ Option website has all the necessary licenses and legally works in many countries. Therefore, British traders can close their Investous account in the UK and become IQ Option clients, choosing safety and legality. More than 40 million customers around the world have already seen the convenience and reliability of the company.

 Minimum investment

Any British trader who is of legal age can go down the path to success. The reason is that the minimum deposit amount is only $10, and the IQ Option website allows you to conclude transactions from $1. For comparison, the Investous CFD platform accepted payments of at least $250, and the minimum investment amount was $20. This increased the risks and the possibility of losing money.


The IQ Option service ensures that all traders have access to an important resource – information. Therefore, the site has a special section with useful data. Here you can learn about the main trading strategies, read analytical articles, tips from professional traders, and get access to other data. Thanks to this approach, British users can gain valuable knowledge that helps them become successful.

 A convenient site for you

Proper website design and interface are important parameters for a professional trader. Because it allows you to quickly find the necessary section, at the right time click on the button and close the deal, find the right CFD contract, etc. Real professionals worked on the creation of the IQ Option website, so British users will be satisfied with the interface and functions.


The important thing is that British users can become real professional traders without spending a single dollar. There is a special demo account. This option is available for free immediately after registration (for comparison – Investous broker offers this function only after replenishing the deposit). Immediately after activation, 10,000 virtual dollars will be transferred to the account. Money can be used to make any transaction with any asset. All quotes are real and tracked in real-time. Yes, a successful transaction will not bring profit, but failure will not bring real losses. Therefore, you can train, choose the best strategies and become a professional trader without any risk.

 Convenient recharge

Deposits for the British trader on IQ Option are a very convenient and efficient procedure. The company only cooperates with trusted and reliable payment providers. The client has at their disposal banking systems Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, electronic wallets Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, PayPal. The possibility of making a deposit in cryptocurrency is also available. Fast transaction processing (about 30 minutes) will allow you to deposit money for transactions fast.


IQ Option is committed to the safety of every customer. All personal data of British traders is reliably protected with the help of modern encryption systems. SSL has a 256-bit dynamic code that cannot be cracked. Therefore, the hacker will not gain access to your data. Moreover, a security team is working on the site 24/7, which detects suspicious activity and is ready to quickly address any issues and vulnerabilities.


Another security aspect that attests to IQ Option customer care is the verification process. Even if a fraudster finds out your account password, he will not be able to withdraw money because the security service verifies each client (the British user must send a document with a photograph by email). He also confirms the personal details for the withdrawal of money. Therefore, only a real trader can cash out, not a fraudster.

 Asset selection

Now the British user can conclude the first deal. It offers dozens of different assets: CFDs, currencies and currency pairs (including cryptocurrency), shares of well-known corporations, commodities, precious metals, etc. Each user selects the asset he knows the most about – this increases the chances of success.

 Great settings

Another advantage of the IQ Option service in comparison with Investous are its flexible settings. The British trader can add to the chart those indicators, signals, and parameters that he needs. A convenient interface allows you to quickly receive the necessary information and find successful transactions. In comparison, the Investous website does not have such an option, which makes trading less convenient and efficient.

 Good profit

One of the important advantages of the IQ Option service is the high profit on each transaction. A successful solution will bring 60-70% of profit. Moreover, it is possible to earn on turbo options and high-risk CFD contracts. In this case, profitability can reach 200-300%. Among IQ Option clients many professional traders earn a stable income over the long term.

 Mobile app

Thanks to the convenient mobile application IQ Option, a British trader can earn anywhere. The main condition is the presence of a mobile device and a connection to the Internet. Good optimization allows you to work well with all modern tablets and phones (iOS, Android, Windows), as well as in an unstable signal. Therefore, the British trader will receive important information on time and will be able to close the deal with maximum profit. It is also worth saying that the IQ Option website is open 24/7, so you can engage in trading at any time that is convenient for you: after a working day, on weekends, or holidays.

iq option app
Binarry app IQ Option

H3 Tournaments

IQ Option offers all users, including British traders, to try their hand at special tournaments with a large prize pool. You only need to buy an entrance ticket ($4-20) or just register (if it’s a free tournament). After the start of the competition, you will receive 1000 virtual dollars upon deposit. The task is to achieve the biggest profit for the specified period. Winners receive valuable prizes and bonuses. This is a great way to find out your strengths and even make money without investment (in a free tournament).


IQ Option website is trying to utilize modern technology to the maximum. Each British user can connect and configure the robot. A special program will now track all promising CFDs 24/7, offering them to the client. It is enough to set the parameters (expiration time, stop-loss) and the robot will be able to close transactions with accuracy of a millisecond. For comparison, Investous did not offer such features to British users.

 Additional features

The premium account gives the UK trader a wide range of additional features. Now he can insure a deal, make big profits, take part in special tournaments, etc. In addition to that, a personal manager will help him, and the priority in the line for cashing out  will increase.

 Are Investous and IQ Option legal in the UK?

There are two answers to this question. The fact is that Investous, a Belize-based company, is not legal in Britain. A special investigation by the FCA found that the company carried out a number of fraudulent activities (distribution of false information, fake reviews, etc.), which led to the loss of money by customers. The Investous service, owned by the F1Markets Limited holding, is illegal in Britain.

IQ Option, by contrast, legally operates in the UK. The service has all necessary documents and offers the best conditions for British traders. The company’s activities are regulated by CySEC, and the best confirmation is the excellent reputation of the broker.

 How do I delete my Investous account?

Investous cannot sign up new British traders and offer services in the UK. Therefore, you should check your mailbox, which you used to register for the service. There is probably a letter with this news. If not, then contact the company’s customer support and notify them that you want to delete your account (e-mail, chat, or phone is available for communication). Your request will be fulfilled within 72 hours, and the funds will be returned to the owner.

 Who is the best broker in the UK?

Now you can become a client of a broker who offers the best conditions for your clients. Every British user of legal age can become an IQ Option trader through a simple registration procedure.

  1. Go to the IQ Option website and click the registration button;
  2. Fill in the necessary information (login, password, email address, etc.);
  3. Read the documents and agree to the terms of service
  4. Follow the welcome link to complete the registration.

The first step towards financial success along with a reliable broker IQ Option has already been taken. Now it remains for you to study, train, and become a real professional trader. And IQ Option service offers the best conditions for that.

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