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IQ Option trading broker

Trading in the modern world has become a very popular way to make money. Because this process makes it possible to conclude profitable deals at any convenient place and at any convenient time. Thanks to a reliable broker that provides access to a wide range of trading options, you can achieve financial independence in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the user does not need large amounts of money. Analytical thinking and the presence of a minimum start-up capital are the main ingredients for success.

But the main thing is to choose a high-quality and reliable company that will provide a high level of security, protect investments, and guarantee the payment of profits. There are many different binary options brokers on the Internet, but an effective path to success is possible only with trusted companies. The IQ Option trading platform is one of the leaders in the segment, offering a huge number of advantages to its clients. This overview will help you find out more useful information.

How do binary options trading works?

The history of binary options began more than a century ago but gained wide popularity only in the era of the Internet. Because trading platforms now offer access to a large number of different assets, and anyone can start trading. The bottom line is that every asset (currency, cryptocurrency, stocks, raw materials, metals, etc.) changes its value every minute. A professional trader can analyze the situation, pay attention to important factors, predict how the price will change soon, and determine the best entry point to trade. By following the rule: “buy cheaper, sell more expensive”, you can get a good profit. Today the IQ Option platform offers clients several types of binary options.

  • Turbo-option. An option for traders who prefer risk and big rewards. Due to the short expiration time (from a minute to five), the client can make a large number of transactions every day, and an excellent percentage of profit allows you to quickly achieve success. But this method is riskier because it is difficult to conduct a serious analysis.
  • Digital-option. The type of options that professional traders often choose. Here the expiration time is long (from a week to a month), so it is possible to carry out fundamental and technical analysis. Reliability and predictability attract many, but the percentage of profit is less here.
  • Call/Put. This binary option is considered classic. The main task of the user is to analyze the situation and decide how the asset value will change. He chooses the option “Call” if it will grow and “Put” if it will fall. A correct forecast brings good profit (about 80%).
  • Touch/No-Touch. When choosing this type of option, the chart gets the rate boundary (it can be higher or lower than the current value). The trader analyzes the situation and predicts whether the rate will reach the specified value (Touch) or not (No-Touch). If the Touch option is selected and the condition is met, then the profit is received even before the expiration time;
  • In/Out. In this case, there are two boundaries for the selected asset (upper and lower). The trader analyzes the situation and makes a forecast whether the value will remain within this sector (In) or outside it (Out). If the forecast is correct, he makes a good profit.
  • Spread. A tool for real trading professionals. Because here it is necessary not only to predict the development of the asset value but to indicate the exact value after the expiration period ends. A complex but very profitable tool for making money.
IQ Option presentation
IQ Option review: Presentation

Legality and licenses

Many potential users are interested in “Is binary options trading legal?”. If you choose IQ Option, then this answer is “Yes”. Because the company has all the necessary certificates and documents that confirm the legality of the work. Such documents allow you to contact the regulator, which acts as a third party in resolving disputes. Moreover, all investments of the trader are insured for up to $2000, which can be received as compensation.

Official site

The stylish IQ Option website was developed by the best programmers and designers. Thanks to the excellent color combination, your eyes will not get tired. This will help maintain concentration, correctly determine the best time to trade binary options, and enter a trade. A high-quality layout and excellent functionality will help you quickly go through the registration procedure, find the desired section, and make the first deal.

Security and support

The most modern systems are used to protect users and clients of the IQ Option service. All important information, including transaction specifics and payment details, is encrypted with a 256-bit dynamic code. Such a cipher is almost impossible to break, so the information remains confidential. We also recommend reading the “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy policy” documents to learn more about the company’s responsibility and user rights.

Moreover, in case of problems, the client can contact the support service. There are several ways: phone calls (for instant advice), online chat, or email (here you can attach the necessary documents and screenshots).

Information for training

IQ Option - Successful trading
IQ Option Review: Everything for successful trading

Trading without knowledge turns into a roulette and does not end well. An unprepared client faces bankruptcy. Therefore, it is important to get useful theory and IQ Option offers excellent conditions for traders. At the bottom of the site, there is a link to a section with useful information. Here the client can get acquainted with the advice of professional traders, find out the latest market news, read analyzes of popular strategies, learn how to create binary options trading plan, etc. This approach will help minimize errors in practice.

IQ Option demo account

Another important option to find out what real trading is. Each user can activate binary options demo account and get 10,000 virtual dollars for a deposit. This function allows you to conclude deals on any assets according to real quotes. Therefore, you can develop the best binary options strategy on IQ Option, try new signals and indicators, and gain invaluable experience without risking real money.

IQ Option - built-in help in software
IQ Option: Example of built-in help in software

Registration process

So, you’ve decided to find out what binary option trading is in practice. To do this, you need to become a client of the company. This option is available to all adult users and only takes a few minutes. It will take a couple of simple steps.

  1. Visit the official IQ Option website and click the “Register” button.
  2. Specify personal data (login, password to log into your account, email address).
  3. Agree with the rules of the company (we recommend that you read the service documents containing useful information);
  4. Check your email and follow the welcome link (available in a new letter).

Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds

If you are ready to make the first real trade and get real profit, you need to make a deposit. IQ Option only works with the best payment systems. The client can carry out a transaction through bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), electronic wallets (Qiwi, WebMoney, Neteller, Skrill, etc.), and cryptocurrency (Blockchain). The minimum deposit limit is $10. This amount is enough for ten minimum trades ($1).

The payout process is also fast and reliable. The minimum amount here is $20. But to withdraw funds, you will need to go through the verification process (you must provide copies of your passport or driver’s license to the support staff). The verification process takes from 1 to 3 days and allows you to ensure that a real trader, and not a fraudster who took possession of his account, will receive the profit.

Trading conditions

Binary options of more than 70 types of currency and stock markets are presented to traders:

  • 22 currency pairs;
  • 6 stock indices;

And also there is an opportunity to purchase binary contracts for gold. Each client can choose the most convenient option and trade in the area that is most promising and understandable for him.

Wide range of settings

Each new client of IQ Option can make earning money as convenient as possible because he gets access to a wide range of individual settings. The user can add to any chart those signals or indicators that are important to him. This allows you to determine the best time to trade binary and open a deal, conduct a qualitative analysis of the situation, and close the deal with the maximum profit. Trading with IQ Option becomes efficient and enjoyable.

IQ Option Current market information
IQ Option Review: Current market information

Big profit

Get ready for big money. Because the average profit from a successful transaction is 70-80% of the bank. The platform quickly processes commands and allows you to conclude a large number of transactions every day. The site has many professional Hong Kong users who have made trading their main source of income. The daily profit of such clients can reach 200-300%.

Around the clock

Unlike standard exchanges (London, New York, Tokyo – which operate from Monday to Friday), IQ Option is available around the clock. This means that the user can earn money at any convenient time, even after the main job. Exception – the international Forex market is open from 00.00 Monday to 24.00 Friday and is not available on weekends.

IQ Option Real-time news in software
IQ Option Review: Real-time news in software

Mobile app

We have already said that IQ Option allows clients to trade at any convenient time (except for the Forex market, which is open 24/5). And thanks to a convenient mobile application, trading becomes possible also in any convenient place. The program is designed for all types of modern phones and tablets with iOS or Android operating systems. Good optimization guarantees a stable connection even in poor internet conditions.

IQ Option Online support
IQ Option Review: Online support

Automatic trading

The site also offers an automated trading option. You just need to download the IQ Option program and configure it. A well-tuned robot will delight you with efficiency, closing deals on time, analyzing the market, and offering the most profitable options with maximum profit. Moreover, it can copy the behavior of professional traders using their strategies. Thanks to this approach, you can earn around the clock and with maximum efficiency.

IQ Option trade asset selection review
IQ Option Review: Trade asset selection

Additional benefits

IQ Option is always ready to offer more to its clients. For example, they have an interesting opportunity to try to win a competition with a large prize pool and real participants. You just need to buy a ticket ($4-20) and wait for the tournament to start. Now there are 1000 virtual dollars on the account of the British client and it is necessary to get the maximum profit for some period. The prize fund is $3,000-20,000 and is distributed among the most successful traders. Moreover, there are even free tournaments that also have a real prize pool. So you can start on the road to success even without investment.

As part of the incentive program, there are bonus accruals for each deposit. Depending on the investment volume, a bonus of up to 100% is awarded. An additional bonus for this program is the ability to return up to 45% of the funds that took part in a losing deal.

Cooperation program

As part of the development of beneficial cooperation and partnerships, as well as to attract new customers, IQ Option has developed an effective affiliate program with the ability to receive payments via CPA, referral links up to 100% profit.

IQ Option Additional tools of the trader
IQ Option Review: Additional tools of the trader

Premium account

IQ Option offers more than the competition. For example, each user can open a premium account and get additional features. Among the advantages is a priority in the queue when withdrawing funds, the help of a personal manager, increased profit on transactions, participation in special tournaments, transaction insurance, etc. Keeping your finger on the pulse of success is the motto of IQ Option clients.


The IQ Option trading platform is one of the leaders in the segment due to its customer care, an excellent reputation, and many benefits. Together with this company, the path to success and financial well-being becomes easier, more pleasant, and more efficient.


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