IQ Option against Admiral Markets

Comparison of IQ Option vs AdmiralMarkets

The definition of Admiral markets

MetaTrader fans choose Admiral Markets for its premium features, including proprietary platform plugins and research services, although limited customer support spoils the experience of quality educational content for investors a little.

The Admiral Markets group of companies was founded in 2001 and has since grown into a global brand with several international legal entities and licenses from regulators in Australia, UK, Cyprus, Estonia and throughout continental Europe.

Primarily a Forex broker focused on using MetaTrader, a suite of platforms from MetaQuotes Software Corporation, Admiral Markets focuses on 145 instruments, including 55 currency pairs and 90 CFDs (of which five are cryptocurrencies).

In addition, it offers traders premium features such as the MT4 Supreme plugin as well as excessive volatility protections.

admiral markets


  • The broker is regulated in two major jurisdictions.
  • Means of protection against excessive volatility.
  • A wide range of research and trading instruments.
  • Excellent educational resources.
  • Minuses
  • Support is provided only through a Account Manager.
  • Narrow selection of instruments on MT5.

Commissions and fees

Admiral Markets offers traders three types of accounts with different trade values ​​and a different choice of products to trade.

However, if you calculate the total cost of trading, taking into account spreads and all commissions, the fees are the same for all three offered accounts.

For example, if you believe the information about the typical spread published by the broker, on the EUR / USD pair it is approximately 0.6 pips.

But after including the 0.6 pips commission charged on Admiral Prime MT4 and MT5 accounts, the cost will be 1.2 pips – the same as on Admiral Markets MT4 accounts where there is no commission.

The execution of orders in Admiral Markets is carried out on an agent basis for all types of accounts, that is, the broker does not have its own dealing department and does not take on internal risks.

Instead, it sends your orders to its sole liquidity provider, its parent company, Admiral Markets AS, similar to how Saxo Capital Markets UK sends its clients’ orders exclusively to Saxo Bank’s Danish division.

Traders looking for a wider range of products will opt for the Admiral Markets MT4 account, while those who only trade Forex will prefer the Admiral Prime MT4 account, which offers 9 more currency pairs.

The broker’s MT5 platform is the least developed in terms of assortment.

When it comes to commissions, the total transaction value is almost the same across all three types of accounts and platforms.

At the same time, it is comparable to the commissions of other Forex brokers that use only MetaTrader, including FxPro, FXOpen and Pepperstone, which also trade on MT4 with agent order execution (without a dealing department).

Customer support

For our 2018 review, 129 phone customer service tests were run in three months.

The collected data are institutional grade. On average, each test asked three questions.

To evaluate each test, they were all divided into three separate groups.

Points were awarded for the time spent trying to contact the support representative, as well as for the representative’s ability to professionally (and in detail) answer each question.

Overall impression was also awarded a “Consumer Loyalty Score”.


  • Average connection time: <1 minute.
  • Average “Consumer Loyalty Score”: 7/10.
  • Average pro check: 5.7 / 10.
  • Total score: 7/10.
  • Rating: 15th place (out of more than 45).


They bring you an extensive selection of different places and resources that are neatly grouped into several categories, including an analytics section.

Therefore, traders can easily find what they need, unlike some other brokerage firms, where there is often more content, but it is very poorly organized.

Overall, these guys team has done a great job of improving the standard news section built into MT4.

They have added additional content from their website to it, as well as trading tools that help improve the broker’s research offerings.

It is easy to switch between research tools and areas such as market heat maps, fundamental and technical analysis content sections, Elliott wave analysis section, and several tools to measure sentiment.

In addition to its own content and research tools, Admiral Markets’ platform has built-in AutoChartist, a popular set of pattern recognition tools available for Markets accounts to help improve the broker’s research services.

Overall, the Admiral Markets team has done a great job of improving the standard news section built into MT4.

They have added additional content from their website to it, as well as trading tools that help improve the broker’s research offerings.

Where and what you can do here?

  1. Their site is primarily focused on the use of MT4, that is, traders can choose from a set of popular places to invest, which are pretty famous in the wide spreads.
  2. These include the MetaTrader4 (MT4) and MetaTrader5 (MT5) platforms, which support automated trading systems.
  3. Although MT4 is quite standard for all brokers and looks little different, there can be significant differences in how the platform is configured in terms of billing, method of order execution and other administrative areas that can affect the convenience of trading.
  4. But Admiral Markets stands out from the MetaTrader-focused broker with its MT4 Supreme offering, which includes 12 Expert Advisors and 20 custom indicators.
  5. These tools are a lot like the MT4 plugins offered by ADS Securities and Pepperstone as they are created by the same developer, FX Blue LLP.
  6. Undoubtedly, the tools to protect against excessive volatility are a big plus for a broker that only offers agent execution.
  7. After installing the standalone MT4 Supreme package and restarting the platform, the related tools can be found under the Supreme menu item along with other add-ons that enhance the platform’s capabilities.

Useful additions

The list of useful additions includes the display of news events, presented as small colored bells on the chart, and news events can be both historical and upcoming.

There are also other tools such as a candlestick countdown timer and a spread data widget.

Admiral Markets clients also receive a unique set of extreme volatility protection tools to help manage the internal risks associated with agency-style order execution, including slippage and gap scenarios.

These are great features that traders will surely appreciate. Undoubtedly, the tools to protect against excessive volatility are a big plus for a broker that works for so many years.

Overall, their team has done a tremendous job of enhancing the typical MT4 UI with add-ons like MT4 Supreme.

Even if more experienced MT4 users prefer to use their own handwritten Expert Advisors or purchase third-party add-ons in the MQL4 community, Admiral Markets has a very high rating among brokers working only with MT4 and using similar tariffication and order execution methods, largely due to additional features.

Other important features

In 2017, Admiral Markets expanded its cryptocurrency CFD offering beyond Bitcoin (BTCUSD), adding Bitcoin Cash (BCHUSD), Ethereum (ETHUSD), Litecoin (LTCUSD) and Ripple (XRPUSD).

This will help the broker meet the growing demand from investors and traders looking for digital asset investment opportunities.

They have a lot of different official registrations in a lot of countries, with branches of the company registered in Australia, Great Britain, Cyprus and Estonia.

The broker’s activities are also certified throughout Europe in accordance with the MiFID rules.

Estonian-based Admiral Markets AS, the parent company of Admiral Markets, publishes order execution information, including negative and positive slippage, and other statistics to maintain transparency as a market maker for regulatory reporting. primarily in the UK.

However, as seen below, the order execution statistics have not been updated since our last review by Admiral Markets.

admiral markets broker

A couple of final thoughts

Admiral Markets can be a good choice for MetaTrader fans looking for a complete set of platforms from a developer.

This also applies to the advanced add-ons from the MT4 Supreme package and access to a wide range of different services from an agent broker that make their services the greater way to follow.

In writing our Admiral Markets review, we found that low margin rates, competitive fees on commission accounts, and numerous educational and beginner resources are very attractive features.

One controversial point to keep in mind, however, is poor customer support, although there is an improvement in this category over the previous year and this shows that the company is also working to upgrade their services for all the people from different countries.

The definition of IQ Option

Binary options trading has recently attracted more than just professionals. If you are planning to start making money, then first you need to find a trusted and reliable broker.

The speed of the terminal will also be an important argument. The most famous broker is IQ Option.

iq op br

IQ Option – important features and benefits of cooperation

The company was founded in 2013. During this period, the specialists managed to win awards. Now the broker is considered one of the best in Europe. There are many rated projects on the Internet and IQ Option is in the top.

Using the services of the platform, clients will be able to access:

  • options;
  • Forex platform;
  • shares;
  • various goods;
  • and other valuable assets.

Experienced traders who have already worked with the company report that specialists try to fully meet the needs of customers. To improve the quality of the services provided, the company’s employees try to:

  • Provide a wide range of training programs.
  • Do not delay payments.
  • Offer various assets for trading.
  • Support resolves most common issues in just a few minutes.

Improve the platform so that transactions are carried out as quickly as possible.

IQ Option broker characteristics

The company tries not to give advice to its clients on choosing the direction of investment. The IQ Option broker simply executes all orders, and the trader takes responsibility for the risks. Many traders like cooperation with the company, as the broker introduces innovative technologies:

  • the number of underlying assets is 78;
  • the company offers one of best software in the whole world of this field;
  • availability of an application for any popular platform.

If you want to upgrade all of your work there, you can use the credit funds offered by the company. However, when using credits, you need to proceed with the utmost care.

admiral markets and iq option

Conditions for working with a broker

The broker tries to regularly follow current trends and meets all traders’ requests. IQ Option regularly introduces new tools that provide reliable protection for existing information. If you decide to trade cryptocurrency, then in this case the company will credit additional tokens to the account. In the future, the earned assets can be exchanged and withdrawn to a currency wallet.

The mobile application has a news feed. It is necessary to keep track of important information right in the application. This is really convenient, since all available data is transmitted and stored only on the company’s servers. Accordingly, they are reliably protected from outside interference. To work with cryptocurrency, you no longer need to go through verification. All members will be able to receive 50% of the profit from the commission for successful sales.

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