IQ Option against AvaTrade review

Comparison of IQ Option and AvaTrade

Basic info about AvaTrade

For the sake of clarity, we say right away that Avatrade is an extremely robust, reliable, and multi-regulation place. Their company has been operating in the whole world for years and has always been characterized by fairness and a very high rate of customer satisfaction.

As we know, to date regulated platforms cannot afford to take false steps, it follows that investing with them is a guarantee of safety for all investors. They do not escape this logic, because they are registered in 6 different jurisdictions.

avatrade broker

Avatrade regulations

Therefore we are talking about an extremely secure broker. As we always recommend to our readers, it is essential to invest exclusively in serious and very important places.

They are part of them, as it also has other important regulations.

Finally, we also report a valid BVI International license for Central America.

Ultimately, there is no question about the robustness of them so let’s speak about things inside the site.

Sign in to Avatrade

As you can see, it is also possible to choose whether to start directly from a Demo account, the characteristics of which we will analyze later.

Once you continue clicking on “register now”, simply fill out the registration form and in a few minutes we will become the broker’s client.

Obviously, this practice is necessary as they require the profiling of the client and analysis of your personal data, in order to avoid any scam behind the client.

Avatrade platform

Once the registration is complete, you can choose the platform on which to trade.

Here is the review of the two proposed options.

MT 4

Yes, Avatrade has the famous MT 4

Since 2002, the year it was launched on the market, Metatrader has established itself as a reference platform for traders from around the world. Property of the Metaquotes company, it is used by the best brokers.

Not surprisingly, Avatrade allows its clients to trade the markets with MT4. For completeness, we specify that version 5 is also present, on the rise among professional traders.

The advantages of trading on MT4 are obvious, among the main ones we highlight:

  • Fast execution of orders
  • Ability to load EA
  • Trading signals service integrated into the platform
  • Possibility of downloading it also on tablets and smartphones.
  • Avatrade Metatrader is available on both Windows and Mac, in short, truly functional and universal.

Avatrade GO

The Avatrade developers have also optimized MT4 for the mobile version. The project, called “GO”, indicates precisely the opportunity to take the Metatrader wherever we go.

Basically, it is a very practical and easy-to-use application, to be installed on our mobile phone, for dynamic transactions. At the same time, thanks to all the main technical indicators, it allows you to always trade professionally.

To make this opportunity even more attractive, Avatrade has added a feature called »Market Trend«.

What is it about? In a graph that shows us in real time how the markets move and the relative directionality. Based on technical and volumetric analysis, the information provided is accurate and easy to read.

In short, Avatrade GO also represents an optimal solution for our Trading.

avatrade broker cons

Avatrade Features

Here are all the highlights of the AvaTrade broker.


The Avatrade broker allows you to trade the markets through CFD contracts.

This term means contract for difference. To date, these financial instruments represent the best way to invest in the markets.

Why? First of all, they are safe, regulated by the EU and by the CNMV. In addition, they are totally free; they do not include any fixed costs and not even an execution cost. Trading CFDs means saving a lot of commissions.

Again, the biggest advantage of CFDs is the ability to make money in both bull and bear markets. In fact, if we think that an asset will lose share, it will be enough to open a Short (or bearish) position and take advantage of the price drop.

This is a big difference from traditional investment opportunities, which only provide returns in cases where the value of the asset increases.

Earning money this way is easier, you just have to make a correct forecast on the action in question!


How many marketable assets are there in Avatrade? All the main ones, here they are:

  • Forex
  • Actions
  • Indices
  • Commodity
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Choices

At this point, the question we ask ourselves is whether the spreads are competitive. Let’s find out right away.


First we define the Spread. Translated with the term “spread”, it indicates precisely the difference between the Bid and Ask price.

As we know, online brokers do not apply fixed commissions and not even account execution or maintenance expenses.

The only profit for Avatrade is represented by the Spread, a very low value and extremely competitive against the competition.

The Eur / Usd stock exchange, the most traded in the world, has a Spread of less than one Pip. The other crosses also have very low values, which translates into a higher “net” profit for the trader.

Overall, with these conditions, we can safely say that Avatrade is one of the online trading brokers with the lowest spreads in the world.

Minimum deposit

In addition to these particularly advantageous conditions, Avatrade offers the opportunity to start trading from just € 100. A very low minimum deposit that allows you to trade mini lots and micro lots in complete safety.

Overall, a great way to really start investing in the markets without risking a lot in terms of capital. Before starting, we always recommend a practice period on a demo account.

Automatic trading

Avatrade offers a very popular service: Automatic Copy Trading.

It is the possibility of replicating, with one click, the best traders on the platform.

In this way, even the most inexperienced will be able to obtain the same performance, in percentage, of the trading specialists.

In recent years, automatic trading methods have become increasingly successful and Avatrade is at the forefront thanks to this reliable and certified system.


One of the most innovative tools of the broker is AvaProtect, thanks to which the possibility of contracting some type of insurance with the broker is provided to obtain reimbursement in case of losses.

An innovative system that has no rivals in Europe, to date Avatrade is the only broker that offers a similar service.

Highly appreciated especially by beginners, this insurance serves precisely to protect capital and live the trading experience with the least possible risk.

How to open a demo account on Avatrade

When it comes to selecting a platform, many wonder if it is possible to test it first with virtual capital. You should know that Avatrade offers this online opportunity as the best brokers in the world.

Obviously the data entered must be real because to comply with the Midif Directives each broker must carefully profile the new client. In either case, the option to sign up via Facebook or Gmail streamlines the process even more.

Once in the Demo account, we can use the Metatrader platform with the same conditions as the real account. The spreads are the same, the prices are in real time, the indicators are identical and the market conditions are exactly the same as reality.

In short, a great way to gain practice and familiarity with markets around the world. In fact, both in stocks and in cryptocurrencies in the Demo account there are the same CFDs present as in the real account. Only the virtual and not real capital used will change.

After practicing with this excellent tool, starting to invest really will be easy and low risk, since as mentioned the minimum deposit is only € 100.

Avatrade training

Here is another of Avatrade’s strengths: the didactic area. Complete, full of information, available for free and edited by true professionals in the sector. Rarely have we found such a quality service from a broker.

In Avatrade there is everything a trader needs to take the first steps in the world of finance. Let’s find out the offer in detail.

Training Guides

These are clear and comprehensive introductions on the main topics related to online trading. The main topics covered are Forex, Trading Psychology, CFDs, and much more.

Thanks to these guides it is possible to have clear ideas about the basics of investing in the stock market.


For more information on the topics listed above, Avatrade offers a free eBook. Written by professionals with years of experience in the markets, it is a comprehensive guide to the world of financial investments.

Each concept is analyzed in detail, with particular attention to its practical implications.

In fact, it is not only a theoretical eBook, but it has a practical orientation that allows the trader to trade on a Demo account already at the end of the reading.


With an average of two Webinars per week, Avatrade enriches its offering with insights on specific topics, delivered by true experts in the sector. Internationally renowned professional traders or analysts are often the speakers at these helpful webinars.

We strongly encourage readers to participate in these events because they are free and have significant added value in terms of knowledge and skills offered.

VOD Video On Demand

In this section, probably the most appreciated by clients, there are dozens of Video On Demand that explain the main topics related to trading and operational strategies.

There are many more VODs and they cover topics of great interest to both beginners and professionals.

Basically, the training and educational aspect of Avatrade is well cared for and carried out with great professionalism. It is no wonder that your customers are notoriously satisfied and continue to grow by the day.


Avatrade is among the best Forex brokers in the world. Present on the market for years, it is synonymous with quality, professionalism and safety.

Thousands of CFDs are traded on the Avatrade platform, through the famous Metatrader, every day. With a global presence, on the 5 continents, including in Spain, many traders choose this platform to invest in the markets.

The most inexperienced will undoubtedly be satisfied with the extensive section dedicated to Training: courses, webinars and eBooks are a guarantee to start investing successfully, perhaps starting from a practical Demo account.

Ultimately, Avatrade is one of the most famous and trusted brokers in the world. A certainty for our investments!

IQ Option overview – exchange trading for beginners and pros

For an unprepared person, trading on the stock exchange is a complex and mysterious process. Indexes live their own lives, dozens of charts mean something incomprehensible, multi-page manuals are more confusing than explaining. This is the case on most trading floors. And yet, a lot of people go to the stock exchanges, because this is a real opportunity to make money.

In this review, I will tell you about a simple tool that allows even a beginner to break into the options trading market fully armed – IQ Option.

Iq review

Binary options

IQ Option binary options broker stands out from its brethren with its simplicity. This tool does not require professional knowledge and constant monitoring of the market situation; in essence, the process is a simple bet – you need to guess how the price of an exchange-traded asset will behave, whether it will rise or fall.

Trial profile

To get a feel for trading binary options and the tools available on IQ Option, a fully functional $ 1000 demo account is offered. These funds will be enough for a hundred deals even for the most unsuccessful broker, they will allow you to test the system, find dependencies and develop a strategy – when to play, at what point to bet, use a binary or super-fast turbo mode.

The IQ Option program is available on iOS and Android, there are versions for tablets and smartphones. To start using it, you don’t even need to register – just select the demo mode.

iq option vs avatrade

All the tools

The interface for a program of this class is quite minimalistic. Yes, and understandable to an unprepared person too. Most of the screen area is occupied by the graph. Updating the data every 5, 10 or 15 seconds, it shows the change in the price of the asset. There are two chart display modes, in addition, it is possible to enable additional indicators: 

  • MA; 
  • Bollinger Waves; 
  • Alligator;
  • Lines. 

But these are already tools for experienced traders.


All the newbies should decide on the type of asset, determine the amount of the option and the expiration time. You can also conjure with the return amount. This option allows you to insure up to 45% of the invested funds at the price of a decrease in profit from 93% to 43%.

Then there is little to do – to correctly predict the price behavior and wait for the system notification.


Having played enough with conditional money, you can start registering and replenishing your account with an important money bag. And now one best thing manifests itself – the minimum deposit is only $ 10. Even in our difficult times, it is not scary to risk such a sum.

To replenish your account, you can use a bank card, electronic money or popular payment systems. When replenishing in an amount of $ 100 or more, a cash bonus is credited – from 20 to 80 percent.

IQ Option has a useful help in the form of an FAQ and a tutorial that explains the very basics of trading binary options on the site. These menus, the history of operations, as well as the settings are definitely worth looking into.

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