IQ Option vs FxPro

comparison of IQ Option vs fxpro

This phenomenon is due to trading platforms, they have been developed with cutting-edge technology to facilitate operations, they also offer training and training to improve the chances of success. Below, you can see the comparison between IQ Option and FxPRO, 2 of the most popular brokers worldwide.

The definition of IQ Option

IQ Option: it is one of the brokers with the greatest growth and prestige in Europe, it has a robust and intuitive proprietary platform, it also offers a wide variety of assets and accessible trading conditions. At IQ Option you can trade more than 40 currency pairs (Forex), 185 of the most traded shares (CFDs), 27 Cryptocurrencies, among other trading options.

iq option _


  • It is a pretty unique place to work with different people and companies as well as assets.
  • They have great programs.
  • You can work everywhere, because of the mobile versions.
  • You can create a trial for the site.
  • Educational possibilities for the newbies.
  • A lot of different options to invest.
  • Minimum deposit of $ 10 and $ 1 investment for every step
  • Everyday you can contact the services to solve any problem, which can exist.

The definition of FxPro

What type of broker is fxpro? It is the most popular intermediary. The minimum deposit is twice as large as the average which allows the service to be kept at a high level even though the site is overloaded. Professional brokers note rapid order fulfillment and no requotes which frequently cause losses.

fxpro broker_

At present, any person can become a trader, in theory he only needs a computer and an Internet connection. Despite the fact that they are high risk trades and the chances of success (for a novice trader) are slim, brokers like IQ Option and FxPro Spain register thousands of new users every day.

IQ Option FxPro
Year of foundation 2013 2006
Regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities Market Commission) CySEC (Cyprus Securities Market Commission)
Online platform Self-developed software (Windows and Mac OS) Proprietary software, MT4, MT5 and cTrader
App for mobiles Yes, and for Android and for Apple Yes, and for Android and for Apple
A lot of languages Yes Yes
Customer Support 24/7 online support, telephone service, online chat and email 24/5 online support, telephone service and online chat.
Education – Training Yes, 141 tutorial videos (in Spanish), market analysis (news), financial calendars Yes, 9 tutorial videos (in English) and 27 basic presentations
Assets available 48 Forex assets, 185 Stocks, 27 Cryptocurrencies, 4 Commodities, 24 ETFs 70 Forex assets, 150 Stocks, 4 Commodities, 24 ETFs, 2 Energy
Average spread for EUR / USD 0.6 1.71
Do they have Binary Options? Yes No
Qualification 5 points 4 points

How is the registration on IQ Option?

The registration process is completely free and fast, you only have to enter your email and password. You must then confirm your email address.

Registration allows you immediate access to the demo account, you can have 3 options to access the platform: from your web browser, downloading the application on your computer or installing the mobile version. In addition, users can switch to the real account at the time they decide (without leaving the application), they perform a simple verification process and the minimum deposit.

FxPro Broker: it has a multiplatform for trading through CFDs on Forex, Stocks, Indices and other financial assets. It has extensive experience as an international operator, standing out among the best brokers thanks to the versatility and trust it offers.

FXPRO registration

New users can have a free registration, although they must fill out a form with all personal information (name, contact telephone number, address), as well as a questionnaire related to the investment plan. The registration process is an essential requirement to access the demo account (on any of the available platforms).

To access the real account it is necessary to perform a document verification, once the process is completed, you receive an email with the credentials. You must also make a minimum deposit.

IQ Option offers easy access to its platform, it requires one of the lowest minimum deposits to start operations, while the minimum investment is only 1 euro (to open a position with margin). In addition, it allows the use a leverage of up to 1: 1000 in the Forex market, users can choose the leverage that best suits their strategy.

The FXPRO broker establishes particular conditions for trading on its platform, the minimum and maximum investment amount varies according to the asset to be traded, as well as the maximum available leverage. Although the deposits are also commission-free, the minimum deposit required can be limiting for people who want to start trading (according to fxpro opinions). In addition, professional traders can access better trading conditions (as long as they meet FxPro’s requirements).

IQ Option FxPro
Minimal investment € 1 Varies by asset
Maximum investment € 6,000 Varies by asset
Maximum leverage 1: 1000 Varies by asset (1: 1500 maximum)
Commission No fees for deposit No fees for deposit
Minimum deposit (real profile) € 10 € 100

Trial profiles

Both platforms offer a Trial profiles with free access, however the main features are described below:

IQ Option Trial profile: after a quick and easy registration, you will be able to enter your Trial profile and download the application (on mobile, computer or carry out operations directly from the web browser). It offers a virtual capital of $ 10,000 to carry out practice operations, know all the functions, financial assets and graphical tools available. In addition, the use of the IQ Option Trial profile is unlimited, the virtual fund is automatically recharged (in the case of running out during training).

FxPro Trial profile: to enter the FxPro Trial profile it is necessary to choose the platform to trade (FxPro demo MT4 or 3 additional platforms available) and comply with the registration. Once the entire process is complete (it takes a few minutes) you can start operations with a virtual balance of $ 100,000. The fund is recharged automatically if required, however, the use of the Trial profile is only available for 180 continuous days.

IQ Option FxPro
Online platform Free registration access Access with free registration (complete the entire form and questionnaire)
Virtual amount available $ 10,000 $ 100,000
Assets available All Most traded assets
Use time Unlimited 180 days

The design and websites

These brokers have online trading platforms with their own design. Here are the most important features:

IQ Option 4.0: it is a trading software with cutting-edge technology, users of the demo account can have all the functions (just like in the real account: access to more than 140 tutorial videos, technical and fundamental analysis, financial calendars and a forum in Spanish to share experiences. The IQ Option platform also has more than 90 indicators, which are very useful for making predictions, as well as a personalized risk option (it allows the protection of capital against negative results).

In addition, more advanced or professional traders can connect to Forex Robot, it is a program that analyzes the market in real time and operates on a scheduled (automatic) basis. It allows them to increase the chances of return, they can be enabled 24 hours a day.

FxPro MT4: the FoxPro EDGE webtrader platform is developed by the company (it has a Web and mobile version), although it offers some weaknesses related to the language (it is only available in English) and the operation with Expert Advisor (it does not allow to connect a trading robot) . However, users can also open an account on the MT4, MT5 and FxPro cTrader platforms that have more advanced software.


IQ Option FxPro
Software IQ Option 4.0 (owner) FxPro EDGE (proprietary), MT4, MT5, cTrader
Graphical tools Available in trial and real profile (5 types) Available in trial and real profile (6 types)
Indicators and widgets Yes, users can have 98 indicators and 5 widgets 50 indicators
Tutorials Yes, it offers 141 tutorial videos (in Spanish) in software and App Yes, 9 tutorial videos (in English) and 27 basic presentations
Chat and support from application Yes Yes
Personalized risk management Yes (Stop Loss, Take Profit), negative balance protection and Trailing Stop Stop Loss, Take Profit



FxPro offers the latest technologies in the trade as well as FxPro Quant that allows you to develop custom EAs and FxPro Vaults that create a kind of storage for the

transactions at other times. The Dashboard tool allows you to see the strategies of other brokers. You can also use technical analysis, pip and margin calculators at work. 

All users point out the stable operation of the intermediary which is important for trading as well as for withdrawing the funds from the account. Technical support is provided in all major languages ​​via toll-free phones, which is also convenient. The platform is suitable for beginners (so it has its own running academy) and also for trade professionals. 

The platform has a free demo account with no time limits. No commissions for future trading. Broker FxPro makes it possible to work on MT4, MT5 and cTrader. Since 2006 it has been established as a tool for experienced runners who need constant control over the situation. The company can sell its services in Spain, Argentina and in another countries of the European Union.

IQ Option

Due to the fact that IQ Option offers incredibly pleasant conditions for any type of client, as well as a very convenient minimum cost threshold, we can immediately say that the company is head and shoulders above the majority in this area and their reputation established over 8 years is not in vain.

They offer wonderful and comfortable tools for working in the field of options, especially when it comes to the popular binary variations today. This company is one of the few in the world that provide a similar range of services and opportunities. Thus, they have received many awards and prizes, from the largest competitions and awards in the world.

It is also very important to highlight that they are very suitable for those who do not yet understand the topic and decided to try their first investment. Because it offers great software for beginners, you will be able to deeply understand the structure of the site and how the company functions when it comes to real trading and investments.

Of course, sometimes you still need to pay attention to their competitor, as he offers slightly different things. Let’s say if you want to work with indices, futures or commodities or are looking for a specific trading platform such as MT4, MT5 or cTrader, this FxPro is definitely worth your attention and you will not regret using the services of this office.

In general, after a full analysis of both companies, our team realized that IQ Option seemed to us a broker more complete and adapted to the primary market than FxPro. So you should still try the trial profile and check everything with your own hands and eyes.

Frequently asked Questions

What is worth choosing from the two of them?

The fact is that IQ Option is a much more profitable and pleasant choice anyway, due to the cheap deposit and many useful options in the field of options.

Does Fx Pro offer binary options?

No. They have many other variations of activity, but they have nothing to do with options.

Does IQ Option offer binary options?

Yes. The fact is that they are part of a small community that deals with options all over the world and there are very few such companies there.

What is the minimum deposit on IQ Option and FxPro?

At IQ Option, you can open an account from $ 10. On the other hand, at Fx Pro you will need at least $ 100 to open a live account.

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