Janurary 2021 Version is out!

Long Call Calendar

Happy new year! We are so glad to announce the first version release of 2021. In this version, we’ve added many new features, including many features you’ve been requesting for:

  • Calendar spreads
  • Diagonal Spreads
  • Iron Condor improvements
  • Hide lower and left panes 
  • Redesign the ‘add filters’ window
  • Added filter: single leg mid price
  • Bugs and UX improvements

Calendar and Diagonal Spreads

Long Call Calendar

These new strategies are a powerful addition to our platform. Now you can scan the entire market and find spreads and trades with edges across different expiration-dates. These spreads let you have a higher time decay by selling a shorter-term option and protect it with a longer-term option. These strategies are useful to take advantage of IV skews, increased probability of profit, and more.

Iron Condor improvements

We’ve made more improvements to our Iron condors scanner. The improvements made are:

  • The shape of Iron condor: This allows you to control if the IC will be balanced (the loss on the calls side is equal to the loss on the puts side) or unbalanced. You can also scan for IC that are riskless on the upside or downside (knowledge base article coming soon).
  • Contol the legs delta: You can customize the IC and tell the scanner the IC’s legs by controlling the delta.
  • More predefined scans: We’ve added more predefined scans to the IC to help you get started finding trades.
  • Improved calculation speed and usability.

Hide panes

Hide panes

To increase the table’s screen real-estate, you can hide and show the left and bottom panes. This is very useful when you want to analyze a lot of data and on smaller screens.

Redesign add filter window

Add Filters

The add filters window is now wider and shows the available filters in three columns and divided by type. You can see the filter’s description on the right and search in the top bar.

Added filter: Single leg price

Since our scanner scans the whole market, we’ve added a new filter to control the options we use by their price. This will allow us to present results for multi-leg strategies faster and help you get results better suited for your account size.

Bug fixes, usability and performance improvements

We fixed bugs and improved features and behaviors, such as the earnings data, standard deviation, CSV export, display on smaller screens and lower resolutions, time zones, etc.

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